The Studio Bay 21 Southern California team has expanded to include like-minded and talented
associate photographers who share the same passion for storytelling through
photography. We work with the most talented photographers, stylists, and
editors in our field and they never cease to amaze us with their
professionalism and strikingly beautiful photographs.



Meet Casey Figlewicz, a seasoned Los Angeles veteran of the
photography and post-production world, founded Studio Bay 21 to provide your business with the ability to visually tell the unique story behind your brand. Offering amazing solutions to advertising, promotional, and marketing opportunities, our small team of passionate photographers works to bring your brand vision to life.


With over 15 years of experience, Casey is an expert in hospitality lifestyle photography, food photography, product photography, and architectural photography.


Dan is an amazing addition to the Photography team and you can be sure if he is behind the lens that you will have spectacular pictures coming your way. He has been working with Casey for over 5 years and not only does he take amazing architectural photos, but he is a blast to work with. Dan has a talent for adapting his style to fit the needs and wants of the client so feel free to let him know what you are looking for in your photos. Dan is our go-to photographer to work alongside Casey for architecture shoots and we love his product photography work! In his free time you will find Dan holding his new baby girl, watching movies, traveling with his wife (and taking a ton of landscape pictures along the way), and playing guitar.


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